About the Artist

Julia Ockert is a full-time artist based in Canberra, Australia who specialises in watercolour and oil pastel artworks. One of Julia's passions is experimenting with different art mediums, which has helped her develop a versatile style.

Julia's works explore playful and nostalgic subjects; ranging from still life’s to interior scenes from the ‘70s. Julia’s attention to detail and interest in light and shadows are evident in each of her works. 

Through her art, Julia aims to capture the beauty of stillness and to encourage a sense of wistfulness and comfort in her viewers. Art is not just a creative outlet for Julia, but is also a means to connect with and inspire others.


I previously offered for sale an image that reproduced an original
photograph by the Canadian photographer, Greg Girard, entitled
"Arco Hotel". Mr. Girard's photograph was and is protected by
copyright. I acknowledge that my painted reproduction ofthat image
and sale ofprints made thereof infringed that copyright. While my
painting was the result of being inspired by Mr. Girard's unique and
haunting imagery, I mistakenly appropriated his intellectual property
and I apologize to him.


I am committed to environmental sustainability and strive to use high quality, eco-friendly products in my business.

I do not use plastic in any of my print packaging, opting for biodegradable (cellophane) or recyclable materials instead. I choose to print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag cotton rag which is not only a beautiful paper, but is made from a by-product of the textile industry, meaning it has low environmental impact.

4x6" and 5x7" art prints are wrapped in biodegradable cellophane sleeves and sent inside a rigid cardboard mailer. Larger prints are rolled between paper and sent in cardboard tubes. These materials are all recyclable. 

When plastic IS used (i.e. bubble wrap when sending original artworks), it has come from a repurposed source.